Chris Lawson: Alpha Course; Defining the New Spirituality; Aware of the Enemy’s Schemes

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Alpha Course, Apologetics, Catholicism, Christian Church, Christianity, Emergent Church, False Teaching, LIghthouse Trails Research, Occultism, Paganism, Podcast, Signs and Wonders | 0 comments

Our guest today is apologist/author/speaker Chris Lawson, founder and director of Spiritual Research Network, a ministry dedicated to proclaiming the gospel and helping Christians grow in discernment regarding multiple new ideologies. Chris has authored several booklets for Lighthouse Trails Research and has collaborated on the newly released “A New Narrative for a New World” with several authors including Mary Danielsen, Carl Teichrib, Kevin Reeves, Warren Smith, and Richard and Linda Nathan. That book and many more excellent, biblical resources can be found here.  He and Mary discuss the Alpha Course, from a booklet they co-authored;  the new book, and his work with Spiritual Research Network.

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