Headlines: Living for the World to Come; Bioengineering Our Way to Famine and other Futile Globalist Pursuits

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Bible Prophecy, Big Brother, Big Pharma, Christianity, Discernment, End Times, Globalism, Heaven, Mary Danielsen, Podcast | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen brings more headlines to light in the areas of Smart Tech that appears to outsmart humans, but we all know better. It’s all about control. We talk about Bayer, that multinational corporation that gave the world aspirin, Zyklon-B gas to wipe out the Jews, and a host of pharmaceuticals that are probably in your medicine chest. Their mischief knows no bounds as they pursue synthetic dirt and soil organisms which can only lead to famine. What’s that joke about vying with God to remake everything He has made, in man’s image and with man’s tech? The punch line is, “Get your own dirt.” We will talk about a rabid anti-semitic Imam in Madison Wisconsin, and the latest from the 2nd largest teacher’s union head who has no problem coming out in support of Hamas. A full hour dedicated to the futility of man who seeks to seal his own immortality in all the wrong ways.

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