Replay – Philip Zodhiates: The High Cost of Defending the Defenseless

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[Original airdate 10/3/23] Mary Danielsen talks to Philip Zodhiates who found himself caught in the vortex of the culture wars aimed at the destruction of our childrens’ innocence. He served nearly 3 years in a federal prison for giving a ride to a young mom who was fleeing an abusive former lesbian partner. Lisa Miller had left the lifestyle and surrendered her life to Jesus and shortly thereafter all hell broke loose as she found herself at the mercy of the agenda to normalize perversion between adults and children. Learn about those behind the scenes who want to set in motion a wicked agenda and use believers and Christians as throw away pawns in their game. We’ll discuss the organizations that, while corrupt, are still working around the clock to demonize parents and other conservatives as hate groups. A cautionary tale for Christians in these times. Philip is the son of bible scholar Spiros Zodhiates, author of the wonderful resource “Hebrew/Greek Key Study Bible”, available on Amazon and a must for the inductive bible study student.

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