Headline Day: Iran, The Great Destabilizer; The Food Fight of the Century – Farmer vs Globalist

by | Apr 5, 2024 | Christianity, Podcast, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen takes on Iran and explains how and why they are the most destabilizing force in the Middle East if not the world. What is a military proxy and how does it give Iran an edge against her enemies? Israel has engaged the serpent and will not shrink back from destabilizing them right back. We also look at the global fight to control our land, energy and food supply. Globalists are intent to poison or starve us, whichever is more expedient for them. Is anyone fighting back? Well, EU farmers aren’t taking any of it sitting down. Also; abortion rights in Florida take a front seat in that war, what to expect in November and beyond.


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