Headline Day: “Seeds of Change, Seeds of Destruction”

by | May 17, 2024 | Agriculture, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Christianity, Food Tech, Health & Wellness, Mary Danielsen, Podcast | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen looks at yet another aspect of how multinational corporations and their “better living through science” mindset has continued to wreak havoc on the world. As if the origins of the inorganic chemical industry didn’t bring enough grief – from 1854 right on up to Pfizer’s Cov19 jab – they won’t rest until they control the world’s ability to produce enough food. It’s amazing to consider the grace of God in providing for a world of billions – and all the food that is produced to accomplish just that. And yet the food is not unadulterated, as seen in the rising cost of keeping people healthy that seems to coincide with mass produced food. How did we get here? Monsanto is its name, now Bayer –  the company that gave us Zyklon-B gas for use in Nazi camps. It’s a sin-sick world and today we connect some dots. “Big Farm” is here to stay. The original podcast with part 1 of this discussion on Big Pharma can be found here.


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