Mary chats with Martyn Iles, Executive CEO of Answers in Genesis. He is an Australian-born lawyer and commentator, specializing in the areas of freedom of religion, conscience, and speech. He is also known for his many gospel-focused appearances in the Australian mainstream media and for his online programs, “Living in Babylon”, “The Truth of It”, and “Truth in 10”.  Today we focus on his new book, “Who Am I? Solving the Identity Puzzle”, which delves into the false identity worldview that is all around us. Looking deep within ourselves not only yields no truthful answers to this age old query, it actually yields the wrong answers about what it truly means to be made in God’s image and living that out every day. With all the mental health obsessions and emotionally based school curricula, which is also in the church, are we any closer to understanding it’s not about us – nor has it ever been? All the subjective internal contemplation we can pursue in our short lives will never tell us what we need to know about the God who made us and Who reveals objective truth about our Creator, creation, life, death, and beyond.


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