Pete Garcia and Mary Danielsen discuss the role of the watchman in the church [Original airdate: 10/20/23]; a lonely role that causes bible prophecy to be marginalized despite every sign in the world that it is on God’s front burner.  Our worldview, which includes the imminent return of Christ, must not cave to biblical illiteracy for the sake of comfort or denial or any kind of theology that teaches that Jesus cannot return until the world has cleaned up all the messes it has made. Translation: “never” – because there is no indication that mankind is going to turn the corner on the darkness that has gripped the planet.  And regarding Israel, it’s truly a spiritual battle and one that humans are all too willing to take sides on – and be wrong at the top of their lungs. Leftist indoctrination of the West about Israel has come home to roost and it’s a battle already begun by principalities and powers in heavenly places. Join us for a timely conversation with Pete. Also check out Pete’s YouTube Channel !


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