Replay – Carl Kerby: Unapologetic Apologetics – Giving Reasons for The Hope

by | May 1, 2024 | Apologetics, Christian Church, Christianity, Evangelism, Podcast, Youth | 0 comments

[Original airdate: 10/13/23] Mary Danielsen chats with Carl Kerby in-studio about the current focus and recent ministry opportunities with youth around the country through Reasons for Hope. What is important to our kids and grandkids right now? How can we convey the importance of loving truth and how best can we communicate those immutable truths that Scripture outlines so that it translates into a vital, life changing worldview? We discuss various worldviews and encourage parents to listen to and invest wisely in their kids. Carl, a former Answers in Genesis board member and contributor, has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all major areas of apologetics.

Carl’s books are available here.


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