Wisconsin State Senator Andre Jacques talks to Mary about the state of the state. He is a tireless, hard working conservative who aims to be a voice on the right for a state that is clearly more “purple” than many. We will talk about his recent announcement to make a run for DC as a Congressman to replace Mike Gallagher and keep things on a conservative trajectory. His many committees and the legislation he is responsible for involves pro-life issues and protecting our kids’ minds. We discuss ESG and the woke agenda, human trafficking, borders, sanctuary cities, inflation – pretty much everything we are all grappling with, whatever state you might find yourself in. As a family man, he has many of the same concerns we all do in the worldview wars.  Wisconsin’s motto is “Forward” – are we moving that direction? Depends on which side of the aisle you are on. A thoughtful conversation with a Wisconsin public servant.


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