Replay – Chris Quintana and Bruce Carroll: And Hope Does Not Disappoint

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Chris Quintana

[Original airdate: 9/8/23] Chris Quintana of Old Path Ministries, Mary Danielsen and Crash Connell along with Dove award winning musician Bruce Carroll discuss disaster overload. Anyone who thinks the world will normalize is not thinking realistically, and yet people very much want to go back to some “restore point” and make it all go away. But is God trying to tell us something in the mayhem? More than likely. And that “something” is that the “end of all things is at hand” according to Peter. But that hope that God gives is designed to warn the ungodly and have a purifying effect on us if we are serving Him, watching and waiting. Traveling hopefully is certainly realistic, for the believer.

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Bruce Carroll

ICYMI: Podcast host David Fiorazo resigned from Q90FM after 18 years of service. More details HERE.