Richard and Linda Nathan – Psychedelic Seduction of the World and the Church

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Christianity, Drug Culture, Health & Wellness, New Age, Podcast, The War on Children | 0 comments

Mary chats with author and apologist team Richard and Linda Nathan, who met in San Francisco in 1962, lived through the Sixties, and spent many years together in New Age mysticism before becoming Christians in 1976. Since then, they have taught numerous seminars and classes on discerning our times. They have authored the Omega Point Series of books, Lighthouse Trails booklets “The Cross and the Marijuana Leaf” and “Psychedelic Seduction: Drugging the World and the Church” which we explore in depth today, and have contributed a chapter in the Lighthouse book “A New Narrative for a New World”, a glossary of New Age Terms”. We take on as much as we can in an hour, from the culture of Big Pot which is bigger than ever – and creeping into the church at large. What is THC, CBD and what alarm bells should be going off? An endless source of “boomer humor”, pot today bears little resemblance to the ’50s-’70s version. We also discuss psychedelics, particularly the “plant-based” type that is so hip these days, but is the same old illicit drug that destroys minds and hearts, no matter what the celebrity sports figures say.


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