Former Atheist on Need for Christian Maturity, Apologetics

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Vas Avramidis

Vas Avramidis is a missionary with Ratio Christi at Rutgers.

Avramidis has a strong desire to work with college students, helping them broaden and deepen their faith. It was in college that Avramidis originally lost his faith, becoming an atheist and communist. He hopes by working with college students, he can assist them in avoiding the same pitfalls that ensnared him. College is a perilous time for the faith of a young person; many challenges face them in those formative years: skeptical colleagues, antagonistic professors, and an assortment of temptations. Apologetics and a strong Christian community can help students retain their faith in the face of such challenges. This is exactly what Avramidis believes to be his true calling; Ratio Christi helps make this possible. Read more

First time guest, Vas Avramidis, Ratio Christi chapter director at Rutgers University, joins us today. Being a former atheist, Vos quickly learned at college that most Christian students could not explain why they believed what they believe. He tried Buddhism, became a Wiccan, and even explored Hare Krishna before coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

He then realized how important and vital it was for Christians to not only share the gospel, but to disciple and prepare young people for the hostility toward Christianity on most college campuses. We also discuss a lack of maturity overall in the church today which goes right along with the high degree of biblical illiteracy. We’ll talk solutions.



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