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The world is changing rapidly and the capabilities of technology are increasing at an alarming rate.  Technological devices that serve us today could one day be used to monitor and control us.

Patrick Wood of Technocracy News joins Mike and David to look at some of the frightening scenarios in the coming years.  Once Artificial Intelligence is “let out of the bottle” can anything stop it from being used to enslave us?

In our final segments, we look at some sad and shocking stories including how professing Christians continue to fall for theologies and beliefs that the Bible warns us about. This is not a joke, but we’ll discuss concerns about a self-proclaimed “Christian” Witch, and in another story, a modern-day “Prophet” of the Most High God.

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China Seeks Global Control Over Internet of things for Spying, Business


‘Ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness’ Claims Christians Can Also Be Witches

A woman who says that she is an “ordained minister of spiritual consciousness,” a seer, and a “Christian witch” recently recorded a rant video explaining why she believes it is wrong for people to tell her she can’t both be a witch and identify as a Christian. A number of viewers have responded on her post and elsewhere stating that she is deceived and in need of prayer.

“Stop thinking you can tell people how to worship. Stop thinking you can tell people how to connect with the divine. If I could tell you how many people have told me, ‘You can’t be a Christian witch,’ but here I am,” Valerie Love, who also goes by the name Kaisi. “That’s between me and God.”

“I was born a witch, and guess what? I love it and I’m so thankful, and people are still afraid. Why? Because of ignorance. And I’m here as a minister of the living God to dispel fear and ignorance,” she claimed. “Stop telling people you can’t be Christo-Pagan.”

Love recently launched the “Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School” in Salem, Massachusetts


Female Followers of False ‘Prophet’ Joshua Holmes Call Him ‘Jesus in the Flesh’

Concerns are being raised after a number of female followers of the Texas-based Joshua Holmes, who identifies as a prophet, are calling Holmes “Jesus in the flesh,” a “divine king,” and “a true king that Jesus has set on this earth.” Some of these women have changed their Facebook profiles to include Holmes’ name, posting about him defensively and obsessively.

“For all you haters, if you don’t know prophet Joshua Holmes, you don’t have the Holy Spirit,” one commenter remarked, as featured in a video of concern created by YouTube user E.J. Love. “He is changing lives every day. He is Jesus in the flesh. He is very tangible. He’s got the power of God on him.”

“My prophet is prophet Joshua Holmes,” another woman stated. “He is my father. You will also see me call him my lord, my divine king Jesus, because he is just that. He is my lord, just as Sarah’s lord was Abraham. She knew who her lord was.”

The website of Joshua Holmes Ministries states that Holmes had “visitations” from Christ at the ages of 6 and 14…