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John Loeffler

Steel On Steel Radio

John is a fifty year veteran of broadcast journalism and born-again follower of Jesus Christ.  John is in his 25th year of hosting Steel On Steel Radio — a news talk program that looks at today’s events through the lens of the Bible.

One of the sinister things that radicals have done over many decades is deceive or even brainwash people into thinking there exists a terrible crisis, and the only way to get out of it is to buy what they are selling. In reality what their solution is often socialism, godless liberalism, and Marxism, and actually makes the crisis much worse.  That is exactly the hoax being perpetuated on America and even on many within the Christian church by scheming progressives.  Create a crisis and then offer a solution that actually brings the crisis about.

We welcome back John Loeffler of Steel on Steel Radio, someone who has been sounding the alarm for years on the left in America and who really understands the liberal mindset.