Feelings and Opinions Vs Beliefs and Truth

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Apologetics, Beliefs, Christianity, Culture & Morality, False Teaching, LGBTQ, Podcast, Religious Freedom | 0 comments

Feelings, opinions, beliefs and truth are parts of the thought process that leads to our ultimate actions and behaviors.  But the order in which they form our complex thought and subsequent action makes all the difference in the world.  If we get them in the wrong order we can start down a slippery slope where our beliefs and actions contradict what God says in His Word, and nothing good will come out of that.  But if we align them correctly according to the teachings of the Bible, we can lead a life of joy, victory in Christ, and the peace of God.

Dave Wager of Silver Birch Ranch and Nicolet Bible Institute joins us to discuss how to correctly line up these elements comprising our human thought process, and the dangers of incorrectly prioritizing them.