Rarely does outright persecution just happen out of the blue.  It usually seeps in gradually, starting with free people not being diligent and thinking the persecution of another individual or institution is none of their concern.  Once the proponents of persecution see that we lack the courage to stand up for others, they naturally assume we will lack the backbone to stand up for ourselves, and they begin to chip away at our freedoms, breaking down our resistance.

In every institution in our nation we are seeing Bible-believing Christians marginalized and attacked. From education to media to government itself, witnessed by the unconstitutional ordinance the city of De Pere, Wisconsin tried to impose on local churches, the enemy is testing our will and commitment to God.  Sadly, as I personally witnessed here in De Pere, some churches decided to sit the battle out and let the other 5 brave churches do all the fighting.  This morning, we look at the expanding attack against the religious freedoms and conscience of Christians in America.

In our first segment, we are joined by Laurie Stewart, President of Women in Apologetics.  We look at the crucial role Christian women play in teaching other women and our children correct biblical apologetics.


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