It’s Friday! That means we get to discuss many more questions and comments sent in by Stand Up for the Truth listeners.

  • What is the name of your forthcoming book and can it be pre-ordered?
  • I was deeply disturbed by what the pope said, elevating Mary above Jesus. Can people be truly born again, if they remain part of an unbiblical church?
  • The Catechism teaches we are saved by faith in Jesus and God’s grace. I think you are taking what the Pope said out of context.
  • I left and recovered from the seeker-friendly, purpose-driven, NAR-ish, Christian country-club type church and teachings. Thank you for calling for accountability and sound doctrine!
  • Is it a lack of faith to believe something other than the pre-tribulation rapture?
  • What one or two disturbing trends in the American church do you think is the most dangerous?
  • Any concern about the direction of the modern contemporary Christian music industry?
  • My brother in law has become obsessed with not celebrating Christmas and Easter, arguing they are pagan holidays, and is causing strife in our family. Any advice?
  • Our pastor is a very nice man but I cannot recall one church service mentioning confession of sin, repentance, and aligning our will with God’s will. We have realized his sermons are more like cheer-leading sessions instead of challenging us to grow in Christ.
  • Between blatant heresy and simply watered-down preaching, at what point does a person decide it’s time to leave a church for a more mature body of believers?


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