In our final segment, Mike and Crash continue to look at the growing spiritual insanity in our nation that is inviting the wrath of God on a people who kick Him out of public education and continue to promote the increasing murder of innocent children in the womb.  Could God be reaching the point where His patience runs out and His wrath is felt here in America?  Are we as Christians prepared if that happens?

First, we look at growing evidence supporting the Word of God, particularly concerning the Book of Exodus:  the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt’s bondage.  Ryan Mauro recently returned from a fascinating, secretive trip to Saudi Arabia and witnessed what he believes is astonishing artifacts and evidence that brings into new light the account in Exodus.  Why has this evidence been secretly guarded and withheld from the world outside of Saudi Arabia?  Ryan shares his amazing story and movie documentary with us this morning.



Sinai In Arabia