Aaron Marshall

Director of Chapter Formation, Ratio Christi

Aaron Marshall went to undergrad at Virginia Tech, law school at the University of Texas, Austin and Seminary at Southern Evangelical Seminary where he received his MA in Philosophy and Apologetics. Aaron is a supported missionary with Ratio Christi; a college based Christian apologetics and worldview ministry. He is the Ratio Christi Chapter Director at UNCW as well as the National Director of Chapter Formation. Full bio

Today, Mike and David continue to look at an article titled “Why is Christianity Failing in America?”  We look at the role of pastors/church leaders and compare the duties laid out in God’s Word against the modern trends of American Christianity.  If many of today’s pastors have become cheerleaders or CEOs instead of teachers and watchmen, is it because we are a narcissistic people and  want to be coddled rather than challenged?  Do we prefer a church where we are often told how wonderful we are instead of being reminded to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ? One clear question: Does modern American Christianity feed the flesh, or feed the spirit by encouraging us to pursue holy living?

In our first segment, we visit with Aaron Marshall of Ratio Christi Ministries to discuss the challenges of campus ministry when many colleges are trying to squelch Christian ideas, values and free speech.



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Why is Christianity Failing in America?