Mike’s Opening Comments – February 8, 2019

I received a phone call earlier this week from a listener asking me if I could take a few minutes and give the “big picture” of what I am seeing in our nation and the warning message I am trying to deliver.  So here goes:

America, founded on Judeo-Christian law and principles, has abandoned that foundation over the past 50 years.  God has been kicked out of our schools and government; we have murdered more than 60 million babies in the womb; we have redefined marriage; and we have told God that He is flawed in how He created us—that just because he created us male or female that he had no right to do that since we should be able to choose ourselves the gender we prefer.

America has gone from a Christian nation to an “Anti-Christ nation”.  And while we should use our freedom of speech and religious expression, along with our voting power, to try to reverse the slide of this once-great nation, we must accept the inevitability of what the Bible forecasts:  That one day soon every nation will turn on Israel and against God in defiance.  There is no “USA” exclusion in the Word of God.

Christians are to be light and salt to a dark, evil world.  We assemble in what we call “church”.  But more and more churches, whether they be Evangelical, Protestant or Catholic, are choosing to align with this world instead of speaking out against its growing evil.  The Catholic Church covers up thousands of incidents of Priests molesting young children; the Pope embraces Islam and a one world government and religion; and yet Catholics continue to either pretend none of this is happening or excuse it away.

More and more Protestant Churches—Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopal—embrace homosexuality and promote leaders living a lifestyle that God calls an abomination in both the Old and New Testaments.  Evangelical Church leaders are selling out to homosexuality, abortion and the radical social justice movement on a daily basis.  Its leaders have become men of the world instead of men of God.

We invite apostates like Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Rob Bell and Cory Booker into our churches and raise them up as leaders Christians should emulate and learn from.  We refuse to speak out against the scourge of abortion and the emotional, physical and spiritual scars of depression and suicide young people experience as they defy the gender God gave them at birth.

We adopt the world’s definition of a successful church—nickels and noses—instead of being a biblical church that leads people to a life of holiness.  American Christians are being conditioned to follow men instead of God, just like the Jews of Jesus’ time were conditioned to follow the Pharisees instead of God.  They were so well indoctrinated and ignorant of the scriptures that they did not even realize they would crucify the very Messiah they had been waiting for.  And the biblical illiteracy rampant among professing Christians today is staggering.

Barna research shows that a majority of people who call themselves born-again believers actually have beliefs that line up with the world instead of God’s Word.  More than half believe abortion and homosexuality are approved by God and almost half believe that Jesus sinned when he walked the Earth.  Oh, and two-thirds of self-professed born-again believers actually believe their good human works can earn them heaven!

Christian persecution is coming to America and I believe we will see its fruits in the next ten years or so.  We are one bad Supreme Court decision away from government being given the power to control what is taught in churches…and if a church defies the government’s edicts it will be shut down through government regulations and taxes.

When threatened with government persecution will the majority of churches in our nation bend a knee to “Caesar” instead of God?  They did it in Hitler’s time and they will probably do it again.  So the “State-sponsored” churches will actually endorse the unbiblical world view of the government it is beholden to, while true believers will be driven underground into Home Churches just like in China.

This is why I have written my new book “American Christianity’s Slide Into Apostasy”.  I am convinced we are only a few years away from real persecution of Christians in America and if we cannot spot the early warning signs of this happening we might just go along blindly and follow man-centered churches instead of God, leading us further away from God and His eternal truth.  Sign up for my personal website and weekly newsletter at biblical answer guy dot com.  Please order my new book—I am not making a single penny from it—all profits come directly to Stand Up For the Truth and Q90 FM.  Please read what I say and then take it all to God’s Word to see if I am speaking truth as a Watchman on the Wall or if you think I am a divider and troublemaker like some church leaders believe.  Is what I am warning against confirmed by God’s Word?  Let God’s Word be the final judge and authority.

One day each of us as professing Christians will die and face Jesus Christ as judge.  We will hope to hear “Well done good and faithful servant.”  Instead the Bible says many who think they are serving God will hear “Away from me you evildoers, I never knew you!”

The eternal destiny of our very souls are at stake!  Jesus, Paul and Peter warned of false prophets and teachers who would usher in a great apostasy in the final days when many who call themselves Christians would abandon the faith!  I cannot sit back silently and do nothing as I see this clearly happening in a growing number of churches of every denomination.  I cannot continue to support what “American Christianity” has become and where it is headed.   Please read my book and judge for yourself—your eternal soul is worth the small cost and effort.

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