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Gary Kah

Gary Kah is the former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana state government. While in that position he traveled extensively overseas working closely with the economic staff at American Embassies on trade-related projects. During that time, he learned of efforts underway to establish a one-world political/financial system. He also discovered there was a religious motivation connected with these endeavors.

Gary has written two best-selling books detailing his experiences and explaining the goals of the one-world/interfaith movement. His books, En Route to Global Occupation and The New World Religion, are fully documented and are critical in understanding today’s global developments – including the unfolding financial crisis and rapidly changing events in the Middle East.

Our world is in the midst of a social and political upheaval that is threatening institutions and confusing a lot of people.  And many think this is a well planned series of events to lead mankind to seek a “savior” who will bring up peace and tranquility.  The Bible warns us of such a man and calls him “Anti-Christ”.

Gary Kah of Hope for the World Ministries joins Mike and Crash to discuss the rapid move toward globalization and how Christians can prepare for the coming persecution the Bible warns us about.