The accepted American formula for success includes graduating High School and then going off to College to establish a foundation for success as an adult.  The only problem is this:  it isn’t working!  Youth are graduating College often with useless degrees, indoctrinated into an anti-biblical worldview, strapped with massive debt and a feeling of hopelessness.

This morning Dave Wager of Nicolet Bible Institute joins Mike and Crash Connell to discuss a practical alternative to preparing students for life—one that is based on the Word and practical teachings of God.



In the early years of our nation Thomas Jefferson, the first “head of education” in our nation, mandated two books be taught in all schools: Webster’s Dictionary and the Bible.

Today the Bible is essentially banned in public education but in some school districts the Muslim Quran is taught and discussed.

The “Consequences” part of the Brain develops until about age 22 according to Science—so every year we can keep our students in a solid Biblical school the better…

Education is important but College is being presented as a necessity to have success in life.
• College can be best experienced once we have our worldview correct.
• Public Education purposefully tries to drive a wedge between young people and God.
• Society and Education downplays trades and blue collar jobs.

“Dying to self”: Gary Kah mentioned on air last week “When we understand the doctrine of death as a Christian, everything else becomes less crucial and less confusing”.
• We understand God is the author and provider of life.
• We understand that when every person dies they spend eternity in one of two places.
• When we live for God we will have eternal life with Him; when we live for ourselves we spend eternity separated from Him.

The importance of starting young people off with the correct understanding of who God is and who we are:
• Either condemned sinners…
• Or transformed individuals who seek to love Him and love others.

College sells the illusion that a higher education automatically means success. The Law of Supply and Demand: Young people straddled with debt come out of college with “financial needs” and needing wages the market will not bear or sustain.

Many Christian Seminaries have abandoned the Bible in essence, conforming to how most secular colleges teach and indoctrinate students.

The world has spun a great lie and deception about 4-year college: it is presented as a ticket to wealth but in reality it is a ticket to debt and disillusionment, and a powerful way to undermine God and His Word…
• Getting a biblical foundation before College is important.
• You can then take everything they teach to the Bible.

The NBA is considering outlawing the word “Team Owner” because it is triggering some of the black athletes who claim it makes them think of slavery…
• Thinking like this can be used to undermine the Bible and God’s rule and sovereignty.
• It also feeds into the socialism utopia frenzy consuming our nation.
• An example of the way Liberal Colleges have destroyed the thought process of students.