For Christians seeking to understand the last days, fewer things grab our attention than talk of a Middle East Peace Plan between Israel and her enemies.  Many believe Daniel chapter 9 talks about a seven year peace treaty between Anti-Christ and Israel that will usher in the final countdown to the return of Jesus to judge all men and nations.

President Trump is unveiling his “Deal of the Century,” aimed at bringing peace between Israel and her enemies, and many in the Christian community are watching to see if it is eventually accepted and implemented.  But before we get the cart before the horse, let’s take a look at the practicality of the plan being acceptable to all parties concerned. And remember, even if a peace plan is eventually signed that doesn’t mean it is the peace treaty Daniel prophesies. There have been others before this.

John Loeffler of Steel on Steel Radio joins Mike and David to talk about this as well as continue our discussion from yesterday on Marxism invading American Christianity.

During the program, John Loeffler describes modern Progressive Marxist ideology as “A pitching deck of constantly changing ideas that are self-contradicting.”