As radical liberals continue to twist and trash the Constitution, a growing belief among many Americans is that the church has no business influencing public policy or government. In reality however, our Founding Fathers realized the importance of Christian involvement to help ensure our government remained a moral institution in line with God’s Law.  A vibrant Christian Church is important to maintaining morality and accountability in government and society.

Mike and David are joined by Julaine Appling of Wisconsin family Action to discuss an exciting new initiative they have to help pastors get to know our government representatives, pray for them, and help them when controversial, difficult moral issues arise.

In our final segments we look at a few news items including a Christian organization that believes the social justice movement infiltrating the church is the greatest single threat to sharing the gospel, and more intolerance from liberals who claim they are all about tolerance. We also look at some Prosperity Gospel preachers who wear $40,000 watches; is it wrong and if not, where do you draw the line?