Chris Quintana: Reopening Churches Amidst Virus Fears, Misinformation

by | May 22, 2020 | American Church, Church Leadership, COVID 19, Fake News, Government, Podcast, Politics and Faith, Religious Freedom | 0 comments

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Today’s guest is Pastor Chris Quintana of Old Path Ministries and former pastor at Calvary Chapel of Cypress, CA. Chris has a great love for teaching God’s Word, for Bible prophecy, and applying a Christian worldview to current events.


  • Church leaders, Christians, general response to opening up churches; how will attendance be affected?
  • On-line “worship” a blessing, but a poor substitute for church gatherings, in-person ministry
  • Media’s agenda and mishandling of COVID 19 reporting; many on the left want to keep things shut down indefinitely (or at least until November).
  • Christians struggling with fear and conforming to the world; are we losing our influence?
  • A comparison of Chinese Coronavirus and the Hong Kong Flu
  • Chris’s recent interview with Doreen Virtue about Contemplative Prayer


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