Pastor Dan Fisher: The Black Robed Regiment & Romans 13

by | Sep 23, 2020 | American History, Church Leadership, Culture & Morality, Government, Pastor's Perspective, Podcast | 0 comments

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Pastor Dan Fisher: The Black Robed Regiment & Romans 13


Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment & Unlimited Submission?

Did you know the Lexington Minutemen were led by the local Pastor and a Deacon?

There is a lot about the richness of Christianity in America that you haven’t been taught which is why Dan Fisher is Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment. A Boston Tory Magistrate named Peter Oliver coined the term “black regiment” in describing the Patriot Pastors who led in the fight to maintain “civil AND religious liberty.” Every Sunday they ascended into their pulpits dressed in their black clerical robes and stirred the hearts of their congregations to fight for liberty!
ALSO, how often have you heard a Christian pastor/bible teacher declare that Romans 13:1-5 requires Christians to submit to their governmental leaders – no matter what, and that they are sinning if they don’t? For years, spiritual leaders have been shackling believers with a flawed interpretation of Romans 13 – especially as to how it applies to citizens living in a republic like ours. Consequently, Christian people who would normally stand against tyranny, believe that they owe slavish, unlimited submission to their government.

Patriot Pastor Dan Fisher tackles these controversial topics and proves conclusively that Christians not only have the right, but the responsibility to speak up about evil and stand up to tyrannical leaders – no matter the cost.


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