Jay Seegert: Biblical Worldview and Issues We Are Forced to Confront

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Christianity, Church Leadership, Culture & Morality, Moral Relativism, Podcast, Progressive Christianity, Worldview | 1 comment

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TODAY’S GUEST: Jay Seegert, author and international speaker; former engineer and is the managing director of the Starting Point Project.

A biblical worldview is a person’s total conception of the world from a biblical standpoint. It’s a Christian’s basic belief system about the meaning of life, the nature of God, the source of truth, and other foundational concepts. Yet, the worldview many Christians hold is not biblically consistent. They may approach some issues from a biblical viewpoint, but not every issue.

Today we discuss reasons why some Christians do not have a consistently biblical worldview, issues that believers are being forced to confront, the increasing compromise of American churches, and what ‘settled science’ really means.


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