Bill Perkins: End Times Agendas; Reasons to Not Take the Vaccine

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Christian Church, Christianity, communism, COVID 19, Culture & Morality, Discrimination, Podcast | 3 comments

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Today on Stand Up For The Truth, Host David Fiorazo speaks with Bill Perkins of Compass, Intl. about the recent Steeling the Mind conference, vaccines, government intrusion, virtue signaling, and media propaganda.

Bill Perkins Founded Compass International in 1993 with his wife, Susie. The purpose of this evangelical, Idaho-based ministry is to sharpen believers in Christ and defend the accuracy of the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. Compass International offers email Bible studies, articles, Biblelands trips and missionary outreach, and also organizes the “Steeling the Mind Bible Conferences,” bringing together top Christian speakers to hammer away on difficult and timely issues.

It feels like the world is in some sort of slow-motion change…changing to a One-World everything and there’s nothing we can do to slow or stop it. Here in the United States things are changing almost by the minute. Between the Biden Administration’s anti-Biblical Executive Orders, the border crisis, HR1 and the Dems spending money like they are trying to collapse our economic system, the poop will eventually hit the fan…unless God does something major soon.” Bill Perkins


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