For the last 2,000 years, societies have been trying to silence Christians and even blot out God – if that were possible. America is no different. The left has been relentless in its commitment to destroy not only the church, but the very foundation of America. Enemies of God will use any crisis to silence churches, suppress the truth, and advance godless agendas.

Cancelling Christianity is about the battle for the soul of America between two contrasting worldviews. This book addresses spiritual warfare driving these cultural conflicts as well as how believers can respond. If you think “separation of church and state” is one of the biggest lies in America, this book’s for you! We must not be silent in the face of evil!

Canceling Christianity is about opposition the Bible predicted against the church, and about open hostility toward those who refuse to buy into the liberal Democrat worldview.

The timing for this book is perfect as it highlights realities believers face in churches infected by the virus of liberalism and so-called ‘social justice’, as well as our divided culture becoming more intolerant toward Christians. 

The left is advancing evil, and they envision a very different country – a godless America most of us would not approve of! Having hijacked every major institution, the left doesn’t simply want unity – they demand submission, and will cancel those who oppose them.

Cancelling Christianity is an eye-opening look at the decline of America due in part to the church conforming to this world, and our past apathy toward godlessness.

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