Julaine Appling: Consequences of Rejecting God, Endorsing Evil

by | Apr 23, 2021 | American Church, Culture & Morality, Democrat Party, gender confusion, Government, Podcast, Politics and Faith, Religious Freedom, Worldview | 0 comments

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TODAY’s GUEST, Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council, updates us on her health and important events across the state.  Topics include censorship of David’s new Freedom Project video on masks and scientific studies; so-called “conversion therapy,” medical marijuana, protecting women’s sports, and the FDA-approved abortion pill girls can take without seeing a doctor.



YOUTUBE BANNED VIDEO FOR THIS ARTICLE! – What ‘Science’ on Masks are We Supposed to Believe?

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“I have been teaching US HISTORY in some form or fashion since 1978. I have always taught “the Good, the Bad & the Ugly” of our exceptional Nation! Critical Race Theory is not only deplorable-twisted history it is racist & feeding hatred into the hearts & minds of our youth. President Biden is mandating this garbage in our schools. He is destroying our Republic.” Dr. Jake Jacobs

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