Jake Jacobs: Historical Correctness, Education & the Decline of Virtue

by | Jun 28, 2021 | American History, Christianity, communism, Democrat Party, Education, Government, Liberalism, Marxism, Podcast, Politics and Faith, Religious Freedom | 1 comment

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TODAY’S GUEST: Dr. Jake Jacobs is an author, historian, teacher; Dr. Jacobs has spent more than three decades in the public and private high school system, and at the college level teaching the truth about our Constitutional Republic under God, while stressing historical correctness, in the face of politically correct intimidation by the academic establishment.

Jake’s latest book is MOB RULE: Unmasking the Radical Leftists at Our Doorsteps; he is also the author of Mobocracy: The Cultural and Political War to Destroy Our Republic under God, and Mother Should I Trust the Government: The Making and Keeping of our American Republic. 

We discuss Dr. Jacob’s observations as a teacher of history in public education in America, the decline of virtue, the radical left political shift, Biden Harris admin failing foreign policy, and refuting the lies of rewritten history.

We must persevere, stand in the gap, and battle the evil in our land without fainting, until the tide of revival changes our hearts and the hearts of our countrymen. Rev. Pierre Bynum


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