Macron: Vaccine Passports Will Be Mandatory for Restaurants, Bars, Transport in France

by | Jul 18, 2021 | communism, COVID 19, Government | 0 comments

Vaccine passports for bars, restaurants, and public transport will become mandatory in France starting next month, President Emmanuel Macron announced in a national address on Monday evening.

Mr Macron said that it will be necessary to curtail the freedoms of the unvaccinated in France to supposedly slow the spread of the so-called Delta (Indian) variant of the Chinese coronavirus.

“Our choice is simple: to put the restrictions on the unvaccinated rather than on all. This is the meaning of the health pass that will be extended,” the French president announced.

The draconian restrictions will mean that citizens of France will either have to scan in via QR code or present a document proving that they have either been fully vaccinated or have recovered from the Wuhan virus to enter businesses such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, and shopping centres as well as to use public transport by early August.


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