John Loeffler: Radical, Godless ‘Woke’ Transformation is Here

by | Sep 1, 2021 | American History, Bible Prophecy, COVID 19, Culture & Morality, Globalism, Marxism, Podcast, Religious Freedom | 1 comment

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TODAY’S GUEST: John Loeffler of Steel on Steel radio is back with us to weigh in on current news and concerning events in America and worldwide. We get John’s take on the prolonged pandemic and how it will impact the United States long term. Also, is America being Europeanized? We discuss how the nation is undergoing a transformation founded in moral panic in which government, media and big tech are wielding power.

ARTICLE excerpts:

America is undergoing a rapid transformation founded in a moral panic over race that masks the exercise of class-based power in which technology companies and left-wing politics have united to wield unprecedented control. The outcome will likely be a union of Europeanized states where freedoms are severely curtailed and social cohesion is minimized in favor of dependency.

The apparent goal is a low-cohesion, low-trust European-style social democracy with a large dependent class, presided over by a permanent government overseen by an expert class of technocrats and ideologues devising top-down solutions to problems both real and invented.


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