Scott W. Atlas, MD: The Covid Response Has Broken Our Trust in American Institutions

by | Dec 1, 2021 | communism, COVID 19, Family, Globalism, Health & Wellness, liberal media, Marxism, New World Order, Politics and Faith, socislism, vaccines | 0 comments

The Daily Wire: I am hopeful that we are coming toward the end of the SARS2 coronavirus pandemic. Deaths are not likely to rise dramatically when cases sharply increase, a different pattern than in the initial waves. That “decoupling” between cases and deaths would be to a great extent due to the successful vaccination of those at risk to die, as well as acquired natural immunity. Unfortunately, it is unlikely the recurring hysteria and mismanagement by those in power will end so quickly.

After more than eighteen months of experience, there remains an almost bizarre lack of understanding that the virus will not simply disappear. Instead, on its way to becoming endemic, cases will continue to peak and ebb periodically, as they have done and continue to do in characteristic cycles all over the world and regionally in the United States. We must learn to live with the virus by offering vaccines to the vulnerable, aggressively exploring early treatments, while also accepting some risk, rather than employing failed, harmful restrictions on low-risk people every time the pattern recurs. Instead of recognizing the evidence, the flow of misleading information lacking perspective, policies counter to scientific data, and the absence of transparency continue.

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