The number one best-selling book within Amazon’s LGBTQ+ category has leftists furious.

Why? Because it was written by none other than The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

And, unlike the majority of the books listed in that category, Walsh’s book pushes back against the predominant narratives within the LGBT movement.

The book — titled “Johnny the Walrus” — follows a young boy with a wild imagination.

One day, the boy, Johnny, pretends to be a walrus. Then, his mother is pressured by activists to raise him as one. She’s told to pretend Johnny is a walrus, feed him like a walrus and even take her own son to have surgery to look more like a walrus.

Essentially, the book serves as a perfect metaphor for the left’s current push to allow underage children, some who have been indoctrinated with gender theory, to undergo life-altering, irreversible, hormone-altering sex-change treatments.

Now, due to the success of “Johnny the Walrus,” the first thing left-wing activists see when they search for LGBTQ+ books on Amazon is a story warning of the excesses of transgender ideology.

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