Rusty Thomas: Abortion is a Biblical, Gospel, Social, Moral Issue

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TODAY’S GUEST: author Rusty Thomas of Operation Save America, public speaker, and author of the bookBiblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion. In 1985, he founded Elijah Ministries, a teaching, preaching, and writing ministry dedicated to imparting a Biblical worldview to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Biblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion – “We have endured about a half a century of slaughtering pre-born Image-bearers in the United States of America since the fallacious and evil Roe vs. Wade iniquitous decree. This systematic slaughter, now totaling in the dozens of millions, can only occur in a nation at war with God and His Word. Child sacrifice has a long and dark tradition amongst mankind. Christians have spoken against this evil and worked to end it since the earliest days of the Christian Church…” Pastor Jeff Durbin

Until the church is just as concerned with God’s justice and righteousness in the earth, as it is God’s love, grace, and forgiveness, the current trend – modern holocaust – will continue until America has gone the way of other empires that murdered their babies and paraded their sin like Sodom.
*Biblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion is available on Amazon. If you want a copy or multiple copies for your church or group, please email your address to Rusty Thomas at [email protected], it’s on a donation basis.


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