Todd Nettleton: Christian Persecution, Communist China, Canada & Convoys

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TODAY’S GUEST: Todd Nettleton is the Director of Media and Public Relations for The Voice of the Martyrs-USA and host of VOM Radio. Todd serves as a voice for persecuted Christians, inspiring believers with the faithfulness of Christ’s followers in 70+ nations where they face persecution. During more than 20 years serving at VOM, Todd has traveled the world and conducted face-to-face interviews with hundreds of Christians who’ve endured persecution. His latest book, When Faith is Forbidden, will inspire your walk with Christ.

When Faith is Forbidden – Todd Nettleton

Take a 40-day journey to meet brothers and sisters who share in the sufferings of Christ. When Faith Is Forbidden takes you to meet a Chinese Christian woman who called six months in prison “a wonderful time,” an Iraqi pastor and his wife just eight days after assassins’ bullets ripped into his flesh, and others from our spiritual family who’ve suffered greatly for wearing the name of Christ. You’ll also find space for reflection and a suggested prayer as you grow to understand the realities of living under persecution—and learn from the examples of the bold believers you’ll meet.


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