JB Hixson: SCOTUS Did NOT Abolish Abortion, Demonic Agenda Continues

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Abortion, Apostasy, Bible Prophecy, Christian Church, Culture & Morality, Deception, Government, LGBTQ, Podcast, Politics and Faith, the Gospel | 0 comments

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TODAY’S GUEST is Dr. JB HIXSONauthor and pastor of Plum Creek Chapel near Denver, CO. JB is the founder of Not By Works Ministries, has written ten books, and his latest is, Spirit of the Antichrist – the Gathering Cloud of Deception. He and his wife, Wendy live in Sedalia, Colorado.

Spirit of the Antichrist – the Gathering Cloud of Deception– Packed with research, including thirty-eighty pages of bibliographic sources, Dr. Hixson connects the dots through history and Scripture, and shows how the Luciferians have entered their end game, which means the Rapture is closer than ever!