Pastor Tim Stephens: Righteous Protests, Trucker’s Freedom Convoy, Bible ‘Hate Speech’

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TODAY’S GUEST is Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, who has been arrested several times for holding church services in obedience to Christ, leading his congregation, and ministering in spite of government orders and limitations on worship in Canada.
Tim Stephens started his ministry in January 2014. Tim grew up on a farm in Eastern Ontario and graduated with a Computer Engineering degree from Queen’s University, and a MD degree from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He is happily married to Raquel and they have eight children.
David Fiorazo and Pastor Tim Stephens discuss religious freedom, persecution, medical tyranny, protests for righteous causes, the trucker’s Freedom Convoy happening in Canada and stirring the hearts of people everywhere.
Here are a few points to consider:
  • Canadians, don’t rely on the truckers to win your freedom. Live free today!
  • Take back medical choice
  • Business owners, don’t support vax passes.
  • Churches, don’t restrict your worship.

The government may control the media – but they don’t control the people or the church. Live it!

Is it biblical or “Christian” to protest?

1) “Protestant” Christians shouldn’t be immediately repulsed by protest.
2) Supporting freedom, whether for informed consent or the livelihoods (i.e., lives), is loving your neighbor.
3) Standing for truth is always right.
4) Defending the oppressed and needy is righteous. The toll of mandates has far surpassed the effect of the virus.
5) We desire God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. We want abortion to end, slavery to cease, and governments to operate within their biblical bounds.
6) This is an opportunity for the gospel of Christ. The longing for freedom is only satisfied in Christ.

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