Heidi St. John: Calling Christian Conservatives – Test Positive for Freedom!

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TODAY’S GUEST: Heidi St. John is back! As an author, speaker, podcaster, and congressional candidate in WA state, Heidi has been discussing marriage, family and cultural issues for nearly 20 years. She and her husband, Jay are active, homeschooling parents and live just outside of Vancouver, Washington.

Heidi is the author of many books including Bible Promises for Moms, part of the MomStrong collectionShe also released Prayers for the Battlefield: Staying MomStrong in the Fight for Your Family and Your Faith; and Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight With All That’s In You For Your Family and Your Faith.

Heidi shares what she has learned running for Congress and her first response may surprise you! We discuss worldview issues in America and how the church has generally responded to cultural immorality and godlessness. We share her heart that true believers must be vocal and active in order to awaken the sleeping giant of the American church before it’s too late.


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