David Fiorazo: Progressive Public School Politics & Perversion Promoted

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Abortion, Black Lives Matter, Christianity, Critical Race Theory, David Fiorazo, Education, Government, LGBTQ, Podcast | 0 comments

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Reports have been done. Whistles have been blown. Alarms have been sounded. But too many Christians in the U.S. remain ignorant or in the dark about what’s really been happening in government-run schools across the nation. 

Demonic agendas are having devastating results.

On today’s podcast we hear shocking statements by leftist educators in their own words. For example, in a speech last month to American teachers, NEA President, Becky Pringle said (to a standing ovation):

“We will say gay, we will say trans, we will use the words that validate our students and their families, words that encourage them to walk in their authenticity, to love themselves fully, to become who they are meant to be…”

“Except for one problem–homosexuality and gender deviance are never “authentic” for any child, nor who he/she is meant to be. Corrupting children has become the main NEA goal. The destructive unions need to be removed from our schools.” Linda Harvey, Mission America