Pastor Jack Hibbs: #Christians Must Wake Up, Speak against #Abortion – Silence Is Approval!

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TODAY’S GUEST is Pastor Jack Hibbs, an author, conference speaker, and senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, California, a church birthed out of a home fellowship group he and his wife, Lisa, began over thirty years ago. Pastor Jack is well known for his passionate, verse-by-verse expositional Bible teaching; in addition, he founded REAL IMPACT – Equipping the Church to stand for righteousness in the public square.

Jack wrote the new booklet, Temptation, as well as Countdown: All Eyes on God’s Ultimate Endgame; Jack and Lisa authored of the book Turn Around At Home – Giving A Stronger Spiritual Legacy Than You Received.

Jack Hibbs and David Fiorazo discuss the confusion over Proposition 1, legislation in CA voters will be deciding on in November. This radical amendment to California’s Consitution is a referendum that pro-abortion extremists hope will permanently enshrine murder of the pre-born at any stage of pregnancy for any reason in the state.


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