Jonathan Brentner: Lies of the Left, Globalists Imposing Their Will

by | Feb 23, 2023 | American Church, Bible Prophecy, Christianity, Church Leadership, Marxism, Middle East, Pastor's Perspective, Podcast, the Gospel, Worldview | 0 comments

TODAY’S GUEST, Jonathan Brentner is a Christian author, speaker, writer, and former pastor. He writes weekly for his blog “Our Journey Home” providing sound Biblical understanding and commentary on prophecy and world events. His latest book is called The Triumph of the Redeemed – An eternal Perspective that Calms our Fears in Perilous Times. His latest articles are about transhumanism and pastors ignoring Bible prophecy.

We discuss the conflict in Ukraine with Russia and the fact America has become weaker due to sending so much money and weaponry. Is this on purpose? Also, we address the fact globalists and world elites are imposing their will on people; and we tackle 5 “delusions” of today’s power elites that many people have fallen for.


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