John Haller: Running Hot and Cold – the Heat Dome, Fire-Breathing Hezbollah; De-Banking, Saudi Deal

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Bible Prophecy, Big Tech, Christianity, Climate Change, gender confusion, Government, Headlines, Hezbollah, John Haller, Latest News, Mary Danielsen, Maui, Podcast, transgenderism | 0 comments

Wow, what a morning. So many tech gliches and illness to battle through the brodcast. Thank you so much for your patience and prayers.  We were able to edit out most of the distractions in today’s podcast.  We’ll have John on again within 2 weeks to catch on more headlines pointing to Bible prophecy.

John Haller and Mary discuss all the things that make for a long, hot summer: Maui, heat domes, Israel grappling with Hezbollah breathing down their necks. So, how many players can we count in this latest skirmish on Israel’s northern border? How in the world does that region hold together anyway, and why can’t they just get along? Then there’s the global heatwave, might just be the hottest summer on record. Are climate lockdowns next?

John Haller is an attorney, pastor, and prophecy researcher like no other! John’s weekly updates can be found on YouTube.