Jonathan Brentner: Earnest Expectation; The Forgotten Resurrection; Facist Architecture

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Jonathan Brentner

Jonathan Brentner and Mary Danielsen discuss the importance of understanding the 4 main views of Bible Prophecy – Preterist, Historicist, Allegorical and Futurist. While the rapture debate rages on, particularly on social media, there are other terms we should understand to help us see where the church has been going for the last many years. Why does the glorious hope get dragged through the doctrinal mud these days, along with the resurrection of the dead in Christ and we which are alive and remain? We also look at facism as seen through the eyes of Habakkuk. A thoughtful podcast for the wearly traveler.

Speaker and blogger Jonathan has authored “Triumph of the Redeemed” and “Cancel This: What Today’s Church Can Learn from the Bad Guys of the Bible” which can be found on

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