John Haller: The Next Phase of War; Global Tyranny Advances; Conformity Bias

by | Nov 30, 2023 | Antisemitism, Artificial intelligence, Bible Prophecy, Big Tech, Christianity, Climate Change, End Times, Globalism, Israel, Middle East, Podcast, Prophecy, war in Israel | 0 comments

John Haller is back with Mary Danielsen to parse out several headlines, further proof of how late the hour is and how dark it’s getting. We talk about what the Palestinians really want and what might be next for the hostages. Personal freedoms and the typical American lifestyle are on the chopping block due to the total fabrication of the green agenda. We also discuss NOEM, the Saudi City of the future that is being called “A New Babylon” – a strange and curious biblical reference for the day. Join us for some headlines you might not have seen and spot on analysis from John.

John is an in-demand speaker, addressing all aspects of bible prophecy and is a true scholar on many subjects of interest to the church.

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