Don Stewart: News from the Israeli Front; a Promise and a Threshing Floor

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Bible Prophecy, Bible Study, Christianity, Israel, Latest News, Middle East, Podcast, war in Israel | 0 comments

Don Stewart

Mary Danielsen welcomes back bible and prophecy scholar Don Stewart about some headlines you may not have heard regarding Israel. We also take a look at the promise of the land. Kings and Kingdoms, tribes and plundering hordes throughout time have sought land and possessions;  every gentile nation has warred and defended land but they have all faded into history and others have taken their place. Only Israel has an eternal promise from God Himself. Refugees have wandered after wars and assimilated into new homelands, yet the Palestinian people have been awarded “refugee” status for 3 generations now, thanks to the UN. There’s a war on, alright: for the truth. Don’s website has loads of content to bring us up to speed on issues that affect our worldview.

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