Headlines: From Welfare to Warfare and Back Again and the Death of the Dollar

by | Dec 21, 2023 | American History, Big Tech, Christianity, Economics, Global Finance, Globalism, Government, Mary Danielsen, Middle East, Podcast, Prophecy, US Economy | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen takes on some headlines today that point to more globalism and the super highway to complete change in America.  Whether it’s the recent climate summit or the fact that we really can’t afford anything anymore due to decades of inflation, we are surrounded on all sides by things we cannot fully explain but we can certainly try to do so within the framework of bible prophecy.  So what is a Petrodollar and why should I care? It’s a pretty fascinating trip back to 1971 for that answer. Everything does and will fit together ultimately so the best we can do is pray for wisdom, point to Jesus, and urge the church to have sufficient oil in her lamp and an answer for the hope.

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