Moises Esteves: Bringing the Gospel to Children Around the World; News You Can Use

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Childrens Ministry, Christianity, Evangelism, Family, Headlines, Latest News, Missions, Podcast, Prophecy, Worldview, Youth | 0 comments

Today’s podcast is two for one Tuesday: Moises Esteves of Child Evangelism Fellowship opens us up with a ministry designed to reach children with the gospel every day year in and year out, around the world, churched and unchurched. Last year alone, 6.2 million children were reached through “Christmas Party Clubs” facilitated by hundreds of thousands of teachers throughout the world with a burden for our kids. CEF was founded in 1937 and is the largest evangelistic ministry to children in the world. With all the negative impact on them from social media and school propaganda, focusing on the Light of the World at this time of year is refreshing and much needed. And with so few good churches, there is no time to waste bringing the truth to the children. In the second half, Mary looks at a few good headlines to put in your arsenal to discern the times.

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