Alisa Childers: The Deconstruction of Christianity – What it is and How to Respond

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Today we chat with author, blogger and speaker Alisa Childers on the topic of “deconstructing” Christianity; what it is, why it’s destructive and how to respond. With terms like “ex-vangelical” and “toxic” faith/Christianity/church being tossed around, it would appear we have a postmodern exit demographic to deal with. Is it anti-authority, the desire to not be “hemmed in” by moral imperatives, or is it something different? Counselors are standing by, not because they care about the person’s salvation, but rather getting them what they want – to be free of the Christianity they have been exposed to or raised in. In a way, it’s not surprising but at the same time, the bible tells us there is only ONE way to heaven, and that’s through Jesus Christ and what His death and resurrection mean and require of us. A thought provoking discussion designed to help those who might know and love someone in this process.

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